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Local Talent: Kelly Beedle

Posted on 20th February 2014 in Local Talent

This week’s Local Artist feature is someone near and dear to my heart; my cousin Kelly Lynne Beedle.  Kelly has recently started showing her beautiful works of art off to the public via Facebook, and she has been receiving exceptional feedback from her audience.  It seems like every new piece she posts is snatched up within minutes, if it wasn’t already pre-commissioned by somebody.  For an emerging artist, she is stirring up quite the buzz and generating an admirable level of demand.  It’s a position every artist wants to be in, and young Ms. Beedle deserves every bit of her new found success.

Kelly and I come from a massive family, filled with creative individuals.  While some work with wood, others in pen & ink, Kelly prefers to work with acrylics.  Much of her work is completed on stretched canvas, and she will even mix different mediums into her paint to create an assortment of different affects.  This creative approach to her painting clearly defines a style of vibrant colours, with sharp contrasts, and varied layers.  They are whimsical, and stunning, and I for one never tire of checking out whatever she’s currently working on.  Kelly roots her creative spirit to our Nana,  Janet Beedle.

I never realized how truly talented my cousin is, but I’m so proud to see all of the amazing work she has created.  Happier still to see her sharing it with the world.  She paints for the fun of it, and I believe that it is the very best of work that is created this way.  Her passion for the creative process infuses her work, and it clearly resonates with her audience.  Below are a few samples of Kelly’s work, but for more information feel free to contact her directly.



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