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Project Update: Colonies

Posted on 14th February 2014 in Twisted Peeks

It’s time for another update on our first game project, “The Underground:Colonies”.  We have been ironing out the rules for this innovative game for quite some time now, and finally we’ve reached a point that we are ready to put our work to the test.  Next week we will be launching our email-based play test of the game.  With all of the game material collected, we are in need now of one more play-tester.  While the game is aimed to be played by 2-4 players, we’d like to have four play-testers to ensure we are getting a good spread of input and feedback on the game’s development.

Today what we’d like to do is give you a basic overview of the game’s setup.  As the play-testing commences we will be updating our online followers with other key elements to the game, and what the plans are for it’s expansion.  That’s right; Expansion.  While we are currently working on the core set of ‘Colonies’, we also have plans for a series of expansion sets that will introduce additional rules, gameplay options, and most certainly new species for players to use.

“The key is to develop a core rule system that is simple enough to be added on to, and yet still keep it engaging enough to keep players intrigued.  This was the hardest point in working out the Colonies game; there are so many cool elements in The Underground universe that we wanted to include in the game we had a tough time keeping the rules from becoming over-complicated.  All in all, I’m really happy about how the system came together, and I can’t wait to get playing.”

-Paul Reaume

The Game Tiles

The Colonies game uses a number of game tiles that when placed together at the beginning of the game will create the game board.  The tiles will depict a winding path of squares that lead players underground, and up to the surface level.  The tiles can be rearranged to create any number of board configurations and will be double-sided as well, offering even more options.  Some insects will be better suited to play on the surface level, and others will be more geared towards subterranean life.  The rules allow for this differentiation, and bonuses or drawbacks are applied accordingly.  Bees, as an example, will certainly move faster while they are on the surface level than when they are forced to move underground.  Alternatively, the Ants may have a higher Defense value while fighting underground than while on the surface level.

Our test game will be played on five game tiles, though more could be added in, or taken out depending on the length of game players would like to take part in.  The core set of Colonies will feature five double-sided game tiles and the rules for two playable insect species.  Appropriately enough, the starting species will be Ants and The Hive.  Our next project update will feature more information on these creatures and how they are used in the game.

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