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Project Announcement: Battle of Tippecanoe game

Posted on 10th February 2014 in Twisted Peeks

After the announcement of the Underground Colonies game, we got to thinking about a game to supplement our Tecumseh comic. At first a grand strategic game covering all of the war of 1812 was envisioned. While this is still the end goal it quickly becmae too complicated to be a start point. We wanted the game to be fun, expandable and yet still keeping true to the feel and spirit of Tecumseh’s struggle. We also wanted to portray the tactics and nuances of musket combat.

The end result will be a historically accurate simple hex based battle system that be combined with other future stand alone sets to recreate the entire war or combine sets to create what-if scenarios. Naturally the first set will be the Battle of Tippecanoe. The game will include the map of the battle, rulebook, cards representing all the participants, a 20-sided die and hit counters.

The game should be ready for play-testing by the summer 2014 and hopefully released in time for xmas.

Stay tuned to Twisted Studio for further developments on this and our other awesome projects :)

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