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Twisted Features # 15 – Part 2 – The Return of “The Underground” and The Underground shorts!

Posted on 4th November 2015 in Uncategorized

When I started working for Twisted Studio, I wanted to get a feel for the characters and flex my muscles as a writer while showing Paul that I can research and produce something new while keeping it within the world he had been so careful to create and nurture for years. The result of that effort came in the form of the great new nemesis for Styx and gang, the “Termite Union” and a new form to get our stories out. Thus the Twisted Short Stories were born with the first of it’s kind, “A Tragic Loss” – see below.

Before long another short was conceived and a new focus was taken. I decided that instead of a direct companion series to the comics I would write them as a prequel series to prep new fans and open the way for future inclusion of the Termites. This new series would tell the background story of The Underground from the point of view of Raymus. The first of which is entitled “Tempest and Harmony” – synopsis is also below this feature.

This series will continue next year with “The Orphan” which will continue Raymus’ search for identity in The Underground and of course will see new Termite characters introduced. Also coming in 2016 is the sequel to the Tecumseh shorts mentioned in the last feature. Stay Tuned!

“A Tragic Loss”

Stoic as always, Styx and his new steed face off against the Termite Union in the first Twisted Studio Short story EVER! The Termites are like no enemy ever faced before but don’t count out The Hive. Always plotting behind the scenes against the Ants of Coryn, they are sure to get involved if they can. Styx defies all who stand against him but will his guile and fighting ability be enough?

“Tempest and Harmony”

The opening tale in the Raymus story has everything a fan would expect from “The Underground”. Follow the journey of this pacifistic Army ant as he fights to break away from “The Rage” of the Rapax. Experience the seductive call of the pheromonal imperative as Raymus tries to save Suncalf Harbour from both his old tribe and The Termite Union army which hopes to use their village as a trap to destroy the unstopppable Rapax…

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