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What Are You Reading? #4

Posted on 13th July 2015 in What Are You Reading?

Marvel’s All New All Different Previews

Paul Reaume walks us through his thoughts on Marvel’s new title roster.


“I popped into Paper Heroes Comic Lounge this week to put a dent into my stack of Batman comics.  The store owner, Scott, threw a copy of Marvel’s Preview book into my bag, and I knew it would make for an interesting gander…maybe an interesting alternative to our usual ‘What Are You Reading’ articles.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about the All-New, All-Different line-up.  On the downside of the whole thing, I’m not a huge fan of having so many variants of the same title.  The biggest example being the number of Spider-titles.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Spidey as much as the next guy…but…we’ve got five “Spider” titles in this “new” and “different” line-up.  That’s not including Webwarriors, Silk, or the two team titles boasting our friendly neighbourhood web-head.  I think that’s my concern with the new line-up in general; the amount of character overlap between titles.  I even saw Venom on three different previews.  I guess I was just hoping for a little more variety in an All-New, All-Different roster.

On the plus side, however, I’m intrigued by some of the bold moves Marvel did make.  The amount of female headliners is really promising.  An all female A-force?  A female Star-Lord? Thor?  I think it’s awesome.  I’m also excited to see the now villainous Uncanny X-Men led by Magneto himself.  In fact, that may be the title that I am most excited about.

If nothing else, Marvel’s certainly shaken things up, and stirred up some hype.  Will this new line-up stand up to the success of Marvel’s previous rosters?  Time will tell.  It looks like there is a little something for everyone, even Howard the Duck.  Who doesn’t love Howard after all?  Those are just my thoughts though.

You can learn more about Marvel’s New and Different lineup here.

After you’ve done so, why not share your thoughts with us?

What do you think of the previews?

What titles are you most excited for?

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