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Twisted Features #14

Posted on 6th July 2015 in Uncategorized

It was approximately eighteen years ago when local artist Paul Reaume came up with the idea for The Underground.  In the years since that first moment of inspiration, the series has seen it’s fair share of research and creative development.  With the intention that the series would include as many real-world facts as possible, countless hours have been spent researching.  Piles of notes, and sketches have littered Paul’s home.  Sleep has been sacrificed more times than he can recall, and meal times have been shared with drawing time.


Because Paul and his creative team believe so deeply in the potential of the bug infested comic book that they have committed themselves to its proper development.

“There are two things that continue to pull me deeper and deeper into The Underground.  First of all, bugs are amazing! When you read about what they can do…individually, or as organized colonies the reality is staggering.  Secondly, the world we live in is so different when we look at it from a bug’s eye view.  Simple things look amazing, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  All it takes is a change in perspective.  That in itself is a great life lesson.”

-Paul Reaume

It is this belief that has driven Paul to compile years of source materials, images and literature in order to create such an expansive universe literally within his backyard.  Now as his team is nearing completion of The Underground’s third installment, all of that research is about to take center stage.

The Underground site is undergoing a bit of a facelift.  The team plans to restructure it in such a way that it better reflects “The Archives”; a massive binder bursting at the seams with information gathered for The Underground.  Every bug, every character, every weapon or location that the creative team has come up with over the years will be here.

And its going to be awesome.  Such a task will take time to execute properly, of course.  Much of the work is expected to be completed throughout July.  After that, there will be no shortage of material to update with.  Paul and his team are making a statement it seems.

The Underground is here.  And it’s not going anywhere.

Click on The Underground banner on the left to check out the project’s site in its entirety.

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