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Reflecting on the KRC 2014

Posted on 30th June 2014 in Uncategorized

Three years ago Dave and I decided to attend our first comic convention as a studio.  In hopes of raising awareness of our projects, increasing circulation of our printed books, and learning more about our craft we set our eyes upon a ‘small’ event in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I use the word ‘small’ loosely here, as the event would prove to be anything but.  The Kids Read Comics Event had arrived in Ann Arbor (the previous year it was held in Chelsea, MI), and it seemed like the surrounding community had banded together to make it a success.

While the main event took over the Ann Arbor District Library; several associated activities, classes and lectures were hosted throughout the surrounding area.  Whether you were sitting in a cafe enjoying a book talk, on campus discussing the use of comics as educational tools, or in a comic shop participating in a drawing class; the theme was the same.  Engaging kids and teens in a way that will ignite their own creative thinking, and foster a new thirst for learning.

We’ve learned so much ourselves in our three years of attendance at the KRC.  We’ve met some extraordinary people, and received some valuable advice.  We’ve sat shoulder to shoulder with established creators, and fresh talent.  I learn something new every year, and it keeps me coming back for more.

The KRC 2014 has concluded, and this year was no different than the rest…actually it WAS different.  This year we brought my son Ayden along with us.  I was so proud of him; to see him engaging with peers, and speaking with professionals.  Equally so, I was impressed again with the event as a whole.  I watched as something ignited within my son this year.  I saw his passion flare, and his inspiration soar.  It’s all I hear about now; his very own book that he’ll be bringing to the KRC next year.

Thank you KRC for nurturing life-long learning, and encouraging a new generation of comic book fans.

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