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FCBD 2015

Posted on 5th May 2015 in Uncategorized

Another Free Comic Book Day has come to pass.

While we’re always a little saddened to see our favourite day of the year come to a close, we had a really great time celebrating and meeting some new friends.  This was a particularly important Free Comic Book Day for Twisted Studio as we are coming off of a relatively dormant year.  While we have not been inactive in our Twisted duties, we’ve definitely been working more behind the scenes.  This year’s Free Comic Book Day event was a great opportunity to share with our followers what we’ve been up to and what our plans are.

As we did last year, we participated in the FCBD festivities at Paper Heroes.  Shop owner Scott St. Amour hosted another tremendous event, and we couldn’t have been happier being a part of it.  We had the esteemed privilege of sitting alongside some very talented Windsorites.  Horror author Christian Laforet introduced us to his book “The Space Between Houses”, and we were dazzled by the work of the artist known as ‘Phil’. It’s always great to meet and speak with local talents, to share in their creativity and share in our mutual experiences.

Twisted Studio projects The Underground, and Tecumseh were represented at the event with issues of The Underground being sold, and preview art for Tecumseh being displayed.  While the last year has not yielded any impressive amount of progress on these projects, we’ve spent much of our time solidifying some alternate sources of revenue.  Producing a small run comic series is a time consuming and expensive endeavour, while we have been running a preorder incentive program other options were necessary.  To that end we have looked at developing a few games as  a subsidiary division to our main projects.  Additionally, Twisted Studio artist Paul Reaume has been moonlighting as a magician!

Which brings us to our next point about Free Comic Book Day; the debut performance of the cosmic conjurer…the time travelling trickster…the one and only, Dr What!  Just one of Paul’s magical alter egos, the amazing Dr What brought a mystifying performance of comic proportions.  This particular show was tailored to suit Free Comic Book day specifically, but Paul has seen great success with his other illusionist identities as well.  Characters such as “The Peculiar Pirate Paul”, and “The Lucky Leprechaun” have dazzled audiences around Windsor over the last year and a half.  Free Comic Book Day’s performance was a welcomed marriage of Paul’s two passions; Comics and Magic.

As you can tell, May 2nd 2015 was filled with fun and excitement.  While we’re always happy to hear from our fans and followers, the greatest thing to hear this year was how anxious they are for MORE! More bugs, more Tecumseh, more Twisted Studio.

Well thank you to our loyal Twisted Fans.  We hear you loud and clear, and we don’t plan on disappointing!

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