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Twisted Features # 9

Posted on 3rd September 2013 in Twisted Features

Twisted Features #9

Tempest and Harmony short story to get a series of sequels

Needing to get back to bugs, I started brainstorming what I as the writer could do to further the underground whilst waiting for the art to catch up to my writing on Bad Seeds.

The idea hit me like a lightning bolt. I should continue the backstory I started for Raymus in Tempest and Harmony. To make it more exciting to read and of course to write I decided to meld this story with the unwritten backstory of another popular character – LOR.

The Orphan which will be posted as soon as it’s done will take place immediately after “Tempest” and will cover his continuing quest to find the peaceful ant city of Coryn. On his journey he will come across an Orphan which he will believe is destined for something special. The Orphan will tell the tale of how Lor figures into The Underground as a whole. It’ll be her origin story while still telling Raymus’ origins.

When I told Paul of my plans, he came up with the concept art below. It invokes a recent theme in Marvel’s X-Men titles of Cable and his rescue of the mutant messiah. I loved it so much that I insisted that he finish this art and it’ll be the cover of “The Orphan”

The Orphan

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