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Thoughts on Tecumseh

Posted on 4th November 2013 in Uncategorized

Fundraising efforts have kicked off for our newest comic project, Tecumseh.  Dave and I have worked out a system of rewards for those fans willing and able to donate to the cause.  It’s pretty exciting, and includes some fun and exclusive swag.  Beyond this though, as artist on the series, I wanted to talk about why I’m so excited for this project.

Tecumseh is a project unlike any other I’ve ever worked on.  It is a historical retelling of the War of 1812, and the death of Chief Tecumseh.  Most importantly, the story has strong roots right here in Windsor and surrounding areas.  Dave has worked tirelessly to amass a staggering collection of reference and source material for the project, and it shows in the finished script.

I knew the challenge presented by taking on a historical story such as this.  I recognized that a typical comic format would not do justice to the legend of Chief Tecumseh and the hours of time in research Dave had already devoted.  So this idea of a sort of ‘art book’ began to evolve.  The book would become a veritable collection of artifacts, trinkets, and images from 1812.  The ‘panels’ of the story would resemble torn, scorched, and aged pages, and the artwork would be appropriately distressed to match.  The gutters have been designed to depict an old wooden table upon which the torn paper panels have been set.  Coins, arrowheads, and even drops of blood are scattered atop the panels adding to the concept of an archivists worktable.

The timing is perfect for this project as well, when considering all of the commemorative 1812 events in our immediate area alone.  These have provided us with countless research resources, and opportunities to raise project awareness.  We’ve reached out to Fort Malden, Walpole Island and local reenactors; the response has been quite positive.  For these reasons and many more, Tecumseh is a project like no other.  I sincerely hope that you can show your support in some way, and join us on a journey back through history.

-Paul Reaume 

For more information on Tecumseh, and how you can support this project follow the link below;

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