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Twisted Features #12

Posted on 3rd February 2014 in Twisted Features

Into the Maw!

Last week’s posts on The Underground site got derailed slightly, which had many people wondering why?  Truth  be told, some time was taken away from the regular production schedule to reach out to some established companies and individuals in the comic book industry.  The big push is on for The Underground and we had to put forth some due diligence and knock on a few doors.

The Underground team has contacted companies like Image, and IDW with regards to a publishing partnership.  The time has certainly come to bring the series to a larger audience and start building the brand as a whole.  This has been the idea behind the development of the ‘Colonies’ game, to demonstrate the potential behind the project.

The team is working hard at catching up on their posts, and will continue to make submissions and proposals wherever possible.  You too can help spread the infestation though.  Make sure you visit the project’s site, keep up with it’s ‘News’ page, and spread the word.  Positive thoughts and energy can make a world of difference.


Be sure to check in with our affiliates as well!

Horror 101

Check out Cash and the gang’s current podcast; Episode #29 Amityville II: The Possession.  The lines of fact and fiction are blurred as they spotlight this frightening 80′s horror flick, based on real events.


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