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Project Update: Colonies

Posted on 27th January 2014 in Twisted Peeks

The Underground Colonies: A tile based strategy game

A short time ago we here at Twisted Studio discovered the awesome online services available at The Game Crafter!  TGC is the world’s first web-to-print game publishing company.  They’ve managed to create a platform which allows designers the tools they need to produce a wide variety of games, and gaming materials.  One visit to their site and we were sold; this is the service we’ve been looking for!

We’ve developed rules for a number of different games, only some of which are based on our comic book titles.  Considering we can’t possibly produce all of them at the same time, we’ve had to choose the most suitable concept to run with.  The decision was more difficult than we could have thought.  We wrestled with the idea of launching with a collectable card game, or perhaps a simple board game.  No.  The answer was found somewhere between.

The Underground Colonies is a customizable tile based strategy game.  Players will choose an insect species, and start to build a colony.  Gameplay will bring them on searches for valuable resources, and also conflict with rivaling colonies.  Elements of the game will vary depending on whether or not players are above ground, or underground.  The game rules have been structured in such a way to allow for continuous expansions, and customizations.  Over time players can collect different game tiles, additional brood types for their colony, or new colonies as a whole.

Colonies has been and continues to be a really enjoyable project to work on, and we’re approaching the point of game-testing.  As the final points of the rules are ironed out, we will be holding an email-based trial run of the game.  When the time comes we’ll put the call out to our faithful twisted followers, and recruit four willing contestants to put the rules to the test.  In the meantime, check out these game tile prototypes.  They’ve been carefully designed to allow for endless combinations, and therefore endless selections of game boards.  Are you ready to experience Colonies?


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