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Spotlight on Horror 101

Posted on 23rd October 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s that time of year!  The fall leaves crunch under your footsteps as you pass by storefronts adorned with ghosts and ghouls.  Costumes are everywhere, and scary movies are on every channel.  Yes, its Hallowe’en our favourite time of year.  Nobody knows the season better than Windsor’s own Cash Wampum, and he’s proud to tell you about it on his web series Horror 101

Recently, Dave Rocha sat down to ask Cash some questions about his eerily entertaining episodes….

Dave:  Can you tell me a little about what Horror 101 is?

Cash:  Horror 101 is an audio podcast out of Windsor, Ontario that focuses on some of the best horror movies from the last few decades that our listeners may have missed, especially hidden gems.  It’s a mission to expose great horror.  If even one person becomes a horror fan or falls in love with a horror movie because our show promoted it, then our job is done.

Dave:  Who are some of the big names you guys have featured?

Cash:  We’ve attended one convention as the crew from Horror 101 and we had a fantastic interview with Tony Todd who’s best known in the horror circle for playing Candyman.  He was a great guy to talk to.  Very knowledgeable and a fantastic actor.

Dave:  Where are you based?

Cash:  Windsor, Ontario

Dave:  What’s some of the work you’ve done in the past?

Cash:  Before starting Horror 101 I was the videographer for a local paranormal investigation group called Spectral Solutions.  I would follow the investigators around with the camera and edit a video, highlighting the event.  This was challenging and time consuming but also a lot of fun to do.

Dave:  When is your next podcast and what is the topic?

Cash:  We just put out our 13th episode which aptly featured the first two Friday the 13th movies.  Our next show should be out a couple of days before Halloween, which will focus on a true hidden gem of Halloween fun, a great little film called Trick ‘R Treat from 2007.  We’ll be discussing why you should watch that one and we’ll also share some old personal Halloween tales.

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