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Tecumseh Q&A

Posted on 27th November 2012 in Uncategorized

Twisted Studio’s most recent project is the story of local legend, Shawnee Chief Tecumseh.  It’s a project that proves to be drastically different from anything we’ve produced before, or seen in the industry.  For those twisted fans who may not be familiar with the legend, Tecumseh writer Dave Rocha sat down to answer a few questions on the project.

Q:  For those readers who are not aware who is Chief Tecumseh?

A:  The First Nations Chief who may or may not have been an actual chief was certainly a well respected, literate, Shawnee war leader who brought together all the tribes of the great lakes and even some to the south in opposition to the United States of America.

Q:  Why is the War of 1812 so important?

A:  It a tiny little war that was fought between two nations that forged the destiny of a entire continent for 200 years and beyond. Small in scale and yet bitter and hard fought that ended in a stalemate.

Q:  Why did you choose to tell this story, why is it so important to you?

A:  None of the war goals of the attacker were gained. No land was lost by either side in the peace terms and the defender only had to concede one of its peace demands. That one demand was of course Tecumseh’s dream of a First Nations homeland stretching from the southern shores of the great lakes south to north shore of the Ohio River and bounded on the west by the Mississippi River. How different would the last 200 years have been if that dream had been realized?   … um I mean I grew up in one of the few areas the Americans occupied 200 years ago, Windsor or as it was in 1812, Sandwich.

Q:  How is the story laid out? Is it a one book shot? A mini-series? Or an ongoing series?

A:  We plan on doing a 6 issue mini-series that will end with the fate of Tecumseh. Plenty of war still happens after that fateful day in 1813 but if we still feel like writing and drawing about muskets, cannons and war at sea under sail and most importantly do “YOU” want to read it.

Q:  Who are some of the main characters we’ll be introduced to in the first book?

A:  Tecumseh of course and his brother Lalawethika/Tenskwatawa, Indiana Governor and future President, General William Henry Harrison, his First-Nations sub-ordinate and US Indian Agent Captain, William Wells (Apakonit in Miami meaning Carrot top) will be the main characters in this issue. A few more characters that are briefly introduced will become more prominent by Issue 2 as the British Empire enters the war.

Q:  What differences do you notice working on a Non-fiction based story as opposed to your history of working on Fiction titles?

A:  Not much to be honest, I like to keep all my writing grounded in some story from the written history of humanity. EVERY good story has been done before, as long as I can surprise the reader and make them want more, I have done my job.

Q:  Has it been a challenge encorporating historical facts?

A:  Nope, I love making things my own. It may be a historical account but rest assured it will be slightly …. TWISTED!

Q:  Lastly, are there any plans or concepts for other stories of historical relevance?

A:  I would LOVE to write something set in the days of the Roman Empire or how bout that little talked about war that was once called “The war to end all war” … World War One

That’s all for today, thanks Dave for your time, and thank you twisted fans for checking in!  Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new series, and be sure to like our Facebook page for more updates.


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