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A Prime Piece: Step Three

Posted on 23rd November 2012 in Twisted Peeks

Perspective? Check.

Blocking? Check.

Now for the final details.  Having ironed out where the people are going to be positioned, their relative heights and so on, the last details fall together rather easily.  My dad always told me when as I was growing and learning my craft that if you start with a solid foundation, everything else will come together.  It’s the first few steps, the basic shapes, the perspective and anatomy lines that make the finer details that much easier. 

I used a number of reference images of people from the 1950′s, as well as countless art pieces from the Great Norman Rockwell to give myself a good idea of how everyone should be dressed.  I cannot recommend enough to artists the importance and value of an extensive reference library.

These details out of the way.  I can start laying in the colour. :)

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