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What’s going on…Underground?

Posted on 14th November 2012 in Twisted Peeks

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an update from the Studio’s flagship title; which leads many to wonder ‘What’s going on Underground?’

“The Underground is a project that I’ve been quite passionate about for years.  But it’s just that right now, a project.  When considering the studio as a whole, we needed to take some time to establish what the bigger picture is.  Who we want to be, beyond any one project.”
Paul Reaume
Twisted Studio
Founder & Arts Director

Despite the recent hiatus, The Underground has much more in store for fans.  Having taken the time to invest in the studio, and establishing its second title (Tecumseh), the creative team is looking again to their subterranean, microscopic heroes.  So along with a preview of the next page of the story, here’s a synopsis of the story so far.

Cyrus, the not-so-brave Ladybug, is the last surviving member of his colony.  the winged Hive wiped it out in a seemingly senseless demonstration of their dominance.  Left beaten and covered with Hive propaganda, Cyrus’ assailants thought no more of the quivering insect.

Against his own character, Cyrus would not give up.  Inspired by a mysterious dream, the weary insect would engage on a journey to Coryn, home of the noble Hill Ants and their army of Zealots.

Though the path was strenuous, the Ladybug has now arrived at Coryn.  While he began his journey alone, Cyrus is now accompanied by a band of unwilling escorts, Coryn’s brightest warriors, the Zealots Elite.

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