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Twisted Reflections

Posted on 26th October 2012 in Uncategorized

Projects: Past & Future

I was sixteen years old, when first I used the Twisted “T” logo.  At that time it was a gimmick, a tag I used on my comic portfolios.  Every few months I would prepare a new short story, a new hero, and a new villain.  I’d prepare a handsome little package, and send it off to comic book studios under the “Twisted Studio” banner.  I remember a mideval plot called “The Dark and The Fallen”,  “Outlaws 3″ a western tale, and my earliest “Gallar”. Eventually, I came up with one story that would stick with me.  The Underground became a favourite of mine, and of those people closest to me.  Still, no replies came from any of the industry executives.

Through the years, I continued my work on The Underground, achieving some small amount of local acclaim.   Continuing with this series and the Twisted Studio banner, I had two books published.  The insectoid story was sold from Southern Ohio, to Niagara Falls.  The story was revamped over the years, my accumulated creative team poured hours upon hours of research into the title.  Every corner of the buggy universe was flushed out, and we found new ways to promote it and attract our audience.  Still no big break to the industry came, and at some point my confidence began to waver.

In spite  of this the Studio continued, and even expanded to include a lifelong friend, and fellow creative-mind Dave Rocha.  Dave came on to our team as writing support, and brought with him new passion, new inspiration.  We pushed forward harder than ever with the Underground.  We opened consideration for, and began production on another title for the Studio.  Tecumseh became our second official title, though we still had not attracted the attention of the big comic book publishers.

We did however, begin to attract other local entrepreneurs.  Our promoting methods, our use of social media, and our passion for our projects was appealing to others in a way that we had not anticipated.  Then it hit me.  Our passion for own projects has brought us to opportunites to help with other local projects.  What I may have viewed as failures in the past were really stepping stones.  They were necessary lessons, to bring us to where we are today.  Our progress is evident in the projects and ventures that we’ve been asked to assist.    This is the greatest part of Twisted Studio’s journey so far, is the ability to utilize our skills to help others.  We’ve learned from the portfolios of a sixteen year old, the early publications of The Underground, and the research we’ve completed for Tecumseh.  We are stronger than we’ve ever been, and the future is bright. 

With plans for board games, card games, merchandise, and other comic book titles; Twisted Studio is gearing up for the next portion of its exciting journey. Personally I am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned, and relationships forged along the way.  At the same time I can’t wait for what’s waiting round the next corner.

-Paul Reaume
Twisted Studio
Founder & Artistic Director
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